Newbie Doctor

I was allowed to continue seeing the university student health center psychiatrist for several months after I graduated, but at the end of May, I had to say goodbye to one of the best physicians I have ever had. It took 8 weeks before I was able to get in with a new psychiatrist at … Continue reading Newbie Doctor


Finding Another

Last year I wrote about how much I wanted to meet another person in academia with social anxiety.  I wanted to see what their experiences were like, and I think I wanted to feel less alone.  Social anxiety is very common, but many people who have it don’t talk about it, particularly in academia. I … Continue reading Finding Another

I Am Not Depressed

Recently I was labeled as “Depressed/Anxious.”  This probably shouldn’t really bother me, but I am VERY bothered. I was checking the status of my online volunteer application for the summer camp I serve as a counselor at each year.  The application is quite extensive since the volunteers become caregivers for a week for children with … Continue reading I Am Not Depressed

Anxiety and Panic

The word “panic attack” gets casually thrown around in everyday lexicon in much the same way “I’m so OCD” is used by someone who may be neat and orderly but most certainly does not have OCD.  I am guilty of using the term panic attack inappropriately in the past.  But after learning and reading so … Continue reading Anxiety and Panic