Perspectives: I wrote the post below in late December, but never finished or posted it. The post and its title, “Perspectives,” feel appropriate right now as I am bored and lonely from being holed-up at home during this COVID-19 pandemic. When I feel myself being annoyed by the inconveniences of working from home, socially distancing, … Continue reading Perspectives

All My Neighbors Pt 2

Remember how my therapist’s mother-in-law has a second home just one unit over from my apartment? Well, she has been around so much lately! For a long time, she was only there on a rare occasion, but this past fall, she was around for two months straight. She seemed to disappear for a while over … Continue reading All My Neighbors Pt 2

So Much Writing

I haven’t had as much motivation to blog lately, despite having topics I want to write about. Work has taken up all of my writing energy.  Our lab submitted renewals for two large NIH R01 grants, I submitted two manuscripts (#gottogetthosepubs!), and I submitted my own grant for pilot study funding in the last few … Continue reading So Much Writing

Newbie Doctor

I was allowed to continue seeing the university student health center psychiatrist for several months after I graduated, but at the end of May, I had to say goodbye to one of the best physicians I have ever had. It took 8 weeks before I was able to get in with a new psychiatrist at … Continue reading Newbie Doctor

Finding Another

Last year I wrote about how much I wanted to meet another person in academia with social anxiety.  I wanted to see what their experiences were like, and I think I wanted to feel less alone.  Social anxiety is very common, but many people who have it don’t talk about it, particularly in academia. I … Continue reading Finding Another

I Am Not Depressed

Recently I was labeled as “Depressed/Anxious.”  This probably shouldn’t really bother me, but I am VERY bothered. I was checking the status of my online volunteer application for the summer camp I serve as a counselor at each year.  The application is quite extensive since the volunteers become caregivers for a week for children with … Continue reading I Am Not Depressed